An Important Note On Roof Safety


At Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning, we are a leading industry advocate for proper roof fall safety. Roof Cleaning is a dangerous endeavor. You are on the roof at height dealing with wet, slippery conditions. Moss, tree debris, loose shingles, algae and loose roof granules all add to the potential for falls. And unfortunately, tragic accidents DO happen. One of our fellow industry members was fatally injured in Oregon last year. Just this year in 2018 as of this writing, another fellow industry member passed away from a fall. We’ve had more than one client call us to clean a roof because a spouse fell from the roof and was seriously injured…sadly one incident was a fatality. It is for this reason that we install permanent safety anchors and utilize extremly high quality fall protection equipment on every roof over 1 story and every roof that is high pitched. Yes, it costs money for the anchors, the ropes, equipment which must be replaced several times per year, the harnesses, a second crew member. Yes this adds to our bottom line costs, but the fact is that our fall safety systems have saved our employees from serious injury...or worse...on at least 10 occasions over the past 7 years. No matter who you get to do your roof cleaning, at the bare minimum they should utilize proper fall protection equipment and anchors. If a tragic accident happens on your property and the contractor wasn’t utilizing proper fall arrest equipment, you can be held liable. And no, tying off from a tree, chimney or the bumper of a truck does NOT meet OSHA fall safety requirements. A rope around a waist will cause fatal internal injuries and there should always be a second man on the jobsite to assist should a person be over the side in a harness since seriously or even fatal injuries can occur while hanging in harness too long. Proper OSHA rated safety anchors, fall harness and proper rope with a rope stop or descender is the absolute minimum any roof cleaning professional should have on their truck. Do NOT be afraid to ask to inspect your contractor’s safety equipment. Our employees are always glad to show you our system. 

IMG 0743

“Won’t The Anchors Be Ugly?”

No! Pictured above is one of several permanent Safety Anchors installed on our Company President’s roof. It is the barely visible metal ring just below the very top peak of the roof. We’ve had many cases where clients didn’t even know they HAD anchors! We can even paint them to match, just let us know when you book. 


We utilize Guardian Ridge-It anchors. All fasteners are hidden underneath the shingles so there is no chance of roof leaks. After all…we DO own MoldBuster! 

YES! We Install Anchors! 

If you decide to use a competitor or decide to do it yourself…if your cleaning contractor does not install permanent safey anchors or they are not installed on your roof, we DO install them and we will be more than happy to install them for the other guy or for you. We care about the safety of our fellow industry members and clients. 


Please always ask if the person you intend to hire utilizes fall safety equipment and installs safety anchors if they do not exist. Ask them to describe, or even better yet, show you their fall protection system prior to going on your roof. If somebody does NOT utilize fall safety equipment, please do not hire them. If you see somebody operating unsafely, say something. The employee may have never been trained or provided with the proper safety equipment and we do not want to see another tragic story in the paper. It does not matter if somebody says they are “experienced” on roofs, you cannot defeat the laws of physics. Our senior employee has over 15 years experience on roofs and he has been saved by his fall prevention system…twice. Unsafe operations can be reported to Labor and Industries at 1-800-423-7233. Please always keep safety in mind. 

Kevin Enderle, CEO Enderle Property Services.