Moss Control Services

There are two different ways we offer to deal with the moss on your roof. The best way is a full service roof cleaning  which removes all the growth, all the organic debris and leaves the roof essentially sterile. While this is undoubtedly the best method, it requires a 2 man crew and is more labor intensive. We understand that not everbody can afford a full blown cleaning..but you still want to take care of the moss on your roof. 

Unfortunately, those who have more limited budgets were left at the mercy of the Powder Jockeys who climb up on roofs with no safety equipment sprinkling toxic moss powder and hoping it gets to the right spot. It doesn’t. We’ve seen the ugly roofs and spotty results. We decided to do something about that and developed a spray on system which allows us to achieve full coverage without needing to get onto the roof. 

Unlike full service roof cleaning, moss control is not immediate. It takes some time to work, but it IS effective at killing and getting rid of the moss growth on your roof.  

Our Moss Control system is: 

  • Safer for the environment. 
  • More effective than the conventional “sprinkle and pray” methods. 
  • FAR less ugly than “moss powder” 
  • More affordable.
  • A great way of maintaining the roof after a full service cleaning has been performed.



Q. How Often Should I Have This Done?

A. We recommend Moss control be done every two years.

Q. I Had You Do a Full Roof Cleaning. When Should I have Moss Control Done?

A. Because of the extremely wet winters we’ve been experiencing We now recommend Moss Control treatments every two years following a full service cleaning. A full service cleaning should be performed again after 6 years.

Q. Why would I need a Full Service Cleaning? Can’t I Just do Moss Control?

A. As good as Moss Control is, it isn’t a substitute for a Full Service Roof Cleaning.  Moss Control is effective at killing the moss but it isn’t good at removing organic material. Eventually a layer of organic materials will build up on your roof. This layer turns into almost a sticky organic goo. At this point, it becomes a very very good moss fertilizer and the moss will return rapidly unless removed. At this point, we recommend a Full Service Roof Cleaning be performed. A good rule of thumb is that a full service roof cleaning should be done evey 6 years to remove this layer with Moss Control done every 2nd year for maintenance.