Roof Cleaning And Moss Control

Full Service Roof Cleaning VS. Moss Control and Prevention. 

We offer Full Service Roof Cleaning and Moss Control. While both kill and get rid of the moss, they are NOT the same thing! 

Moss Control entails application of a product we developed specifically designed to be spayed on the roof to safely kill the moss. The moss will then die and come off the roof naturally over a period of weeks to months depending upon the species and how severe the infestation is. Moss control *is* more cost effective than Full Service Roof Cleaning but it does take time for the moss to die and slough off. It very likely will require a return trip for gutter cleaning depending on how much moss is on the roof. It is done by a single employee on *most* homes. If your home is exceptionally tall or laid out in such a way that it cannot be safely and effectively sprayed from the gutter line, we may need to send our 2 man crew.




Full Service Roof Cleaning is the best thing you can do for your roof. It includes a full on surface and systems inspection of the roof,  application of a commercial grade cleaning solution to kill the moss, algae, Gloeocapsa Magma infestations, lichens and other organic growths on the roof. It will immediately remove the black staining caused by Gloeocapsa Magma. The crew will do an all surface low pressure high volume rinsedown to remove all the dead organic material and debris after the cleaning solution is applied. They will then clean any gutters which require it. If any things are found during the inspection, we may recommend and perform minor preventative repairs while on the roof. Full service roof cleaning is a labor intensive process which can take several days to accomplish and is recommended for homes which are being marketed, homes which have insurance cancellation letters or for customers who insist on the absolute best for their roof. 



Q. Why do you offer both? Which is Best for me?

A, Both have their place. Moss Treatment is best for a large percentage of roofs which simply have a short term buildup of moss and other organic growths. Moss treatment will kill the existing moss and other growths which will slough off with time.  Full Service Roof Cleaning is best for roofs that have not been cleaned in a very long time, for homes that are being marketed for sale, are in escrow, or for insurance requirements that require more complete moss removal. It leaves the roof surface clean and pretty much free of organic growth. It immediatly leaves the roof clean and bright looking which is extremely desirable for resale purposes. It leaves you with clean gutters.


Q. What about Safety?

A. We have a no compromises approach to safety. See our Notes On Safety page. 

Moss Control, done better. Our method of Moss Control is a better alternative to roof powder, pressure washing and harmful scraping & brushing. Unfortunately, the majority of people offering moss control are “Powder Jockeys” who employ a sprinkle and pray method. Or guys who pressure wash, scrape or brush the roof off.  Sadly, many of these fly by night operations are uninsured and work unsafely with no fall arrest equipment on steep pitch and multi story roofs. We determined to find a way to offer moss control for those customers that was effective and affordable while being safer for the environment than moss powders. 


What About Zinc Strips? 

What is a the top of this Whidby Island Roof? Yup…Zinc Strip. Did it work? You tell us! 

Zinc strips are the most often sold and advised product for moss prevention, but the truth is, the strips sold at the stores are simply too thin to last more than a season, need to be put on every 3-4 feet down the roof to be effective, and are typically nailed into the roof or shoved under the shingle, breaking the shingle seal bond and leading to premature shingle loss during wind storms. We’ve seen enough failed zinc strips to know it just doesn’t work. This is why we recommend our Moss Control service as a Moss Preventative system.

How Often Should It Be Done? 

Another Greatest Hit Question! We recommend a Full Service Roof Cleaning every 6 years and Moss Control Service for maintenance is recommended every two years.  

Licensed, Bonded And Insured. We carry a $1,000,000 Liability Policy.  

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